Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Anesthesia Courses

In 2016 Tsavran Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd decided to offer an advanced course in Europe in order to reach more professionals. We understood that the time needed and the distance traveled to participate in one of our courses left a large group of veterinarians out of our family. So with the help of Dr Aleksandr Semjonov, DVM we were able to hold our first ZEWA in Latvia. It was a great success and we have developed this product to service Veterinarians in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

The main goal of the course to teach important principles and philosophy of immobilization, anesthesia, monitoring and recovery of different species in captivity. The course contains practical hands-on immobilization of species including but NOT guaranteed: feline, ruminant: buffalo, carnivores, large game: giraffe/elephant/rhino, equine: zebra, antelope, primate, birds, reptiles, fish and the smaller wildlife species. Species are dependent on what the particular zoo or wildlife establishment needs work done on. (Please note that we do not put any animal under anesthesia unnecessarily).

Dr Raath and Dr Semjonov present the courses in various zoos. Topics covered include pharmacology, physiology and chemical restraint of wildlife but more focus is placed on the species specifically worked on from their physiology, anesthesia to recovery.