Game Capture & Relocation, Veterinary Services, Research

Having actively developed our skill set over the last 18 years we have a solid foundation to draw from. Understanding our clients needs and guiding new clients in the correct direction is always a priority. Here is a brief breakdown of what we offer:

Clinical Veterinary Services

Our vets can respond to all types of wildlife emergencies from snares to poisoning. We have probably dealt with it before so a lot of the guest work is avoided treating the patients with greater efficiency. Should we require a skill set that we do not posses in-house our broad network of animal healthcare professionals enable us to deal with all types of situations.

Game Capture, Relocation and Quarantine

With a fleet including super link and 4×4 crane trucks we can move a great deal of game efficiently. Our methods of capture are tried and tested and as we have a broad in-house skill set we can adapt should a capture become tricky. We have exported hundreds of game to international destinations and work abroad on a regular basis. Should a specific project require long term quarantine we can accommodate at our 14 bomas located at basecamp in Mpumalanga.

Breeding Project Management

We have been involved in breeding project management since the beginning and have a great deal of knowledge to share. Should a client require assistance in setting up a project, actively managing a project or upgrading an existing project we can provide expert management services. Having our own projects in existence we can back-up our claims with hard data.

Wildlife Ranching Consulting Services

South Africa has an incredible natural resource – her wildlife. It is great to see how many new ranchers are taking an interest in seriously expanding this industry. We will assist our clients to avoid common pitfalls, prepare for the long term and setup a healthy system. We have consulted locally and internationally implementing management strategies in National Parks, zoos and for private clients.

Research – Clinical Trials, Equipment

Working closely with Wildlife Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd our research department helps test and develop new drugs for the Veterinary industry. This is done through a combination of field tests and controlled boma tests. In conjunction with various PhD programs the data is worked and conclusive reports delivered back to the client. These programs can be run year round with every aspect being handled in-house. Speak to us about a need and we will find a solution.