Who We Are?

As a wildlife management and veterinary company, Lowveld Wildlife Consulting Services trading as Wildlifevets.com employs full time staff, to deliver the top-quality service and professional touch that must be expected in the wildlife sector. With projects and research stretching from the Kwa-Zulu Natal to the Middle East, the energy and dedication our company invests in its clients, and more importantly the animals they work with, is phenomenal.

What makes us different is that we take a turn-key approach to wildlife management. Our goals are to achieve good ecosystem health, profitable models for our clients, to promote responsible game ranching and breeding and expanding the global wildlife veterinary network. Working closely with government and the private sector to show we have achieved a good standing in both community and business.

Our History

Dr J.P. Raath started his career in Kruger National Park in 1983, as Veterinarian for National Parks Board South Africa, KNP. After developing and researching many of the systems and management plans that are in place today, he decided to open a private practice in 1996. Realizing the necessity for more development in conservation medicine globally, Dr Raath linked up with Dr William Lance of Wildlife Pharmaceuticals (USA), and brought even more expertise to Southern Africa. Dr Raath registered Wildlife Pharmaceuticals South Africa in 1997, and this move demonstrated not only his love for what he was doing, but also a vision to the future of conservation in South Africa.

Wildlifevets.com was established in 2001 and operated in the Mpumalanga area. Starting as a veterinary practice with Dr Raath’s skill and passion, it has grown into a force in the wildlife industry educating, developing, and working over a vast area.

Since 2017 Dr Ben Muller and later, Dr Joel Alves joined the team to drive the practice further. Their contribution has been invaluable and new projects in Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mozambique have kept the team busy and on their toes.

Capture in Mozambique
Relocating Cape buffalo in the remote regions of Mozambique